I’m an advocate for yoga and being outside.

Hello everyone! My name is Mike Peterson. I’ve been around Medium for a while, but I now intend to start publishing regularly.

With that in mind, here are some things to know about me and what I intend to write about.

Short bio

I’m primarily a writer and editor with a background…

Woman in reddish leggings doing the Downward Dog yoga pose.
Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

There’s a good chance that you’ve seen the hashtag #YogaEveryDamnDay before. If you’ve asked yourself how such a goal might be possible for busy people with full schedules, this article will be for you.

We’ll go over some of the ways you can practice yoga every single day — and…

Man with his eyes closed and hands in prayer position
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

If you want to practice yoga, you need to practice nonviolence.

In the West, yoga is typically thought of as a physical practice of postures. However, the poses are just one part of an eight-limb path that also includes meditation, breathing exercises, and ethical principles.

The first ethical principle of…

A woman in sports attire walking through a forest
Photo by PNW Production from Pexels

A gentle stroll through the woods likely already sounds like a relaxing time, but the so-called art of “forest bathing” could have both mental and physical benefits.

The modern art of forest bathing as we know it today can trace its roots to the Japanese art of “shinrin-yoku.” It can…

Mike Peterson

Writer, yoga & meditation teacher. | Trying to live more mindfully and sustainably. | San Diego, California

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